Package ch.hevs.kart

Class KartRegisters.V1.Control.DrivePwmPeriod

Enclosing class:

public static final class KartRegisters.V1.Control.DrivePwmPeriod extends Object

The Drive PWM period as 16 bit unsigned integer (UINT16, 0..65535).

Value the FPGA main clock frequency is divided before used as base clock of the PWM step frequency. Default value is 0x40 = 64. For a value of 64 the FPGA clock will be divided by 64.

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    • DrivePwmPeriod

      public DrivePwmPeriod()
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    • FROM_HZ

      public static int FROM_HZ(double frequency)
    • TO_HZ

      public static double TO_HZ(int registerValue)