Package ch.hevs.kart

Class KartRegisters.V1.Control.SequenceControl

Enclosing class:

public static final class KartRegisters.V1.Control.SequenceControl extends Object

Allows to control the sequence virtual machine on the kart.

There are three commands supported which will be executed directly at the moment of the write to the register:

  • 0x0000: Stop sequence, switch to idle mode (back to real-time control).
  • 0x0001: Reset/stop sequence virtual machine and remove the current sequence from the kart's memory.
  • 0x0002: Start/restart the actual sequence in the karts virtual machine memory. This sequence has to be downloaded using the SequenceFifoRegister before issuing this command.

Never use the method Kart.setControlRegister(int, int) to in order change the value of this register - the Kart class automatically synchronizes this register to the kart otherwise commands might be issued multiple times. The Kart class has a simple API to upload and run sequences:

IMPORTANT: This feature is experimental and might not be implemented on all Karts!