Package ch.hevs.kart

Class KartRegisters.V1.Status.BatteryVoltageLevel

Enclosing class:

public static final class KartRegisters.V1.Status.BatteryVoltageLevel extends Object

ADC value of the battery voltage level measure.

Raw ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) output value. We refer you to the schematic of the power module, the data-sheet of the used MCP3425 ADC and the information you find about the used battery packs in order to calculate the battery charge in function to the ADC value.

A simpler solution might be to use the KartListener interface, it returns the normalized battery level from 0.0 (empty) to 1.0 (full).

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    • BatteryVoltageLevel

      public BatteryVoltageLevel()
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    • TO_V

      public static double TO_V(int registerValue)
    • TO_LEVEL

      public static double TO_LEVEL(int registerValue)